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Before we had kids we thought we were prepared.
We knew what we were going to do.
We had watched enough Super Nanny.
We'd put them to bed in their bed because "THEY" say it's best.
Then she was born...

She was so tiny.

So precious.

Her room was ready... But we weren't.

She slept in there for a few months.
Then we went on a trip & she slept with us.
When we got home she got sick & slept with us.
Then...well ever since then she's slept with us.

"They" say she should sleep in her bed.
"They" say it's best.
But she didn't want to.
We didn't want her to.

We worked all day.
At night she was all mine.
Mine to cuddle since I longed to all day.
I missed her so.
At night there was no where to go.
Nothing else to do, but to be with her.
I missed her so.

Then my belly grew
and the bed shrunk
It was time
We made a big girl room.
She loved it and slept in her bed.
Then we went on a trip & she slept with us.
Yep...then she was back with us.

He was almost here.
We couldn't move her out and him right in
So she stayed
then he was born
and joined us
Now I wake to two babies
My babies
But things have changed
He likes his space
He likes his crib
So a few weeks ago I gave him
his blankie
his paci
& his music
I kissed him and said good night
I laid him down
and I walked out

It was hard...
for me
Not for him
He went to sleep
And slept and slept

She asked where he was
"In him's own bed?"
She went to her room
and into her bed
Now that's where she's been

We went to bed alone last night
and the night before that
and maybe even the night before that

But somewhere in the early morning
she sneaks in
He wakes around 5 to eat
so he joins us
The last few hours of slumber
they are with me,
it's perfect!

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At 7:04 PM, Blogger MissQ said...

How cute!! I have 3 and yes they all still sleep with me. Its nothing like the love and comfort from a child/ children.


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