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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickersLilypie First Birthday tickersThursday, September 09, 2010


it's been 365 days
365 days of mothering two
365 days of nursing
365 days of staring into his eyes
365 days of siblings
365 days of waking up next to my boy
365 days of being home with my children
365 days of loving more than I knew was possible
365 days of having a momma's boy
365 days of rocking him to sleep
365 days of loving this boy something fierce

365 days I wouldn't trade for the world
as I type this Simple Man starts playing...
I sang this to Chase while holding my belly just a short year ago tonight...
dancing around the office.
I wondered what it'd be like to have a son
what will he look like?
what things will he like?
will he love me?
I hope you will be a simple man.
I hope you enjoy the small things in life.
I hope you love yourself as much as I love you!
Most of all I hope you are happy
and you always know just how happy I am to be your momma!
Love you anything baby boy!
Baby be a simple kind of man...
be something you love and understand
baby be simple kind of man
would you do this for me son if you can... if you can

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 months

Happy HALF Birthday Chase!!!
Wow I can't believe it's been six months,
time flies when your having fun!
You are so happy all the time and your smile is contagious!

You are now really really good a t rolling,

you can get any where you need to go rolling!

This month you went on your first trip to NC this made dada happy.
You met Grandma and...

Uncle Jassan and cousin Ava and...
cousin Natalie
and Gma & Uncle John's dog Daisy's had puppies

So we brought one home...
you love Jumbo and taking baths sitting up like a big boy!

On 2/25 while in NC you started sitting by yourself!
You can do it now!!
All by yourself...
(and only fall sometime your poor head)

You made your dada so happy when you said "dada" this month too...
You are enjoying the nice weather and new things outside.
This is going to be a fun summer and I can't wait!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

You Capture: Kisses


I stopped by I Should Be Folding Laundry's blog today.

She does a "You Capture" post every Thursday where she gives her blog readers a topic and they can post pictures related to her topic and link up to share. I enjoy checking out others pictures but I have never participated.

Well yesterday's topic was kisses.

KISSES I thought...I know I have lots of pictures of kisses.

This first picture was taken by my friend Sue at The Way We Were Photography.

I love Sue and I love all the pictures she has taken for us!

This next picture was taken this past weekend at Disney.
We were having so much fun just being together.
It was an unexpected kiss too...
I thought he'd smile with me, but instead I got the sweetest kiss.
After 10 years, I still can't get enough of his kisses...I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

I Love this picture too and I love the love they share!
This happens all day long at our house, she can't stop kissing him and neither can I!

Here we are in bed, doing what we do every morning...cuddling and smooching!

Now he kisses me back...I'll have to get a picture of that soon! I guess we are just a kissy family!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In his eyes...

In his eyes I see my reflection
In his eyes I see happiness
In his eyes I see hope, a future, dreams
In his eyes I see joy, innocence, purity
In his eyes I see his words, his feelings
In his eyes I see curiosity and wonder
In his eyes I see his sissy and the bond they share
In his eyes... I see LOVE

(he loves sucking that bottom lip in, so cute)
Chase signed for Milk!!!
Every time he eats I say milk and sign it, but today he did it first!!!
I picked him up while talking to Aunt Meggie and he put his hand in front of my face and signed for milk. We went immediately to nurse and he smiled, made the sign and closed his eyes to eat! So proud!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday...Babywearing

This is my first "Things I Love Thursday" post and I'm so excited!!!

So I thought my first should be about something really special to me, something I use and love a Lovey Duds Wrap!!
The material is beautiful, light weight and soft. It's so comfortable too...for me and Chase. He spent two days in it recently while we visited Disney and just loved it. It was cold so we kept each other nice and warm! He never even felt heavy (& he's almost 20 lbs)

I love having him close,
I think that's the reason I love my wrap most!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 months

I started this post with the title 4 months... then I realized I was wrong. 5 months, how has it been 5 months?! I DO know one thing, it's been amazing, it's been fun, it's been magical

This month your little hands have been very busy.

They have been figuring out new toys and how to pull sissy's hair.

This month you started eating yummy food. Your first was my favorite, bananas! You enjoyed them while celebrating Grammy and Ma's birthday.

You went to The Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on two VERY cold days. You were perfectly warm and happy all snuggled up to me in the wrap. Have I mentioned we love our wrap?
You got your first Mickey Mouse and he's just your size!

You also watched your first sporting event, the Super Bowl. You sported your Colt's jersey, a Christmas present from the Millers, our favorite Colt fans!

I promise to make sure you get your share of sports. We might have to send you to RaRa's or Bubie & Dillon's, but somebody will help you out where momma & dada lack.

Oh my big Chunky Monkey you are growing up so fast.
Everyday I'm home with you I know just how lucky I am.
I'm thankful for each and every moment.
You still go to work with me early in the morning, while the rest of the world sleeps.
You don't mind it and you always just chill and let me work.
You are still such a pleasure, such a happy baby,
and that makes me such a happy momma!
Love ya big boy!

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Wordless Wednesday

~ We were given more then a gift~
~we were given memories~
~we made beautiful, happy memories~

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Before we had kids we thought we were prepared.
We knew what we were going to do.
We had watched enough Super Nanny.
We'd put them to bed in their bed because "THEY" say it's best.
Then she was born...

She was so tiny.

So precious.

Her room was ready... But we weren't.

She slept in there for a few months.
Then we went on a trip & she slept with us.
When we got home she got sick & slept with us.
Then...well ever since then she's slept with us.

"They" say she should sleep in her bed.
"They" say it's best.
But she didn't want to.
We didn't want her to.

We worked all day.
At night she was all mine.
Mine to cuddle since I longed to all day.
I missed her so.
At night there was no where to go.
Nothing else to do, but to be with her.
I missed her so.

Then my belly grew
and the bed shrunk
It was time
We made a big girl room.
She loved it and slept in her bed.
Then we went on a trip & she slept with us.
Yep...then she was back with us.

He was almost here.
We couldn't move her out and him right in
So she stayed
then he was born
and joined us
Now I wake to two babies
My babies
But things have changed
He likes his space
He likes his crib
So a few weeks ago I gave him
his blankie
his paci
& his music
I kissed him and said good night
I laid him down
and I walked out

It was hard...
for me
Not for him
He went to sleep
And slept and slept

She asked where he was
"In him's own bed?"
She went to her room
and into her bed
Now that's where she's been

We went to bed alone last night
and the night before that
and maybe even the night before that

But somewhere in the early morning
she sneaks in
He wakes around 5 to eat
so he joins us
The last few hours of slumber
they are with me,
it's perfect!

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